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Why do I have to pay?

This park is not run by the city. It's a private park, therefore there are expenses we have to pay for such as maintenance and upkeep, insurance, park benches, website fees, dog events, etc. We promise that the money you spend goes right back to your four-legged friends. And guess what? It's only $45 a year means which means it's less than $4 a month for all the fun and playtime for your pup.

Why does my dog have to be neutered/spayed?

The most common type of altercation involves neutered males aggressing toward intact males. We want to protect all of our furry friends by avoiding any risk of serious fights.


Why can't my kids come inside the park?

A dog park is a place for dogs, not people. You wouldn't want a dog owner to walk into your child's favorite playground and release their dog off leash. So why would you release your child into the dog's playground? It's where our canines can be off leash, run around, and burn off their excess energy. Not all of our dogs are comfortable with children. Furthermore, we don't want to risk children getting knocked over by dogs.

Why can't dogs under six months of age enter the park?

This rule is to ensure that your puppy has a chance to receive all of its vaccinations, learn basic commands and become properly socialized before playing with other canine friends.


What do I do if a dog is aggressive towards my dog?

The dog owner of the aggressive dog should leave the park immediately. If they do not, then you should leave the park immediately to avoid your dog from getting hurt. Then you should report it to us so we can address the issue and avoid future incidents.

Why can't I let non-members bring their dogs into the park?

The membership helps ensure that all registered dogs are up-to-date on vaccinations. This is to protect your dog and all other dog members.


How do I know which side of the park to use?

The small dog area is for dogs 25 pounds or less but it isn't required. The large dog area is for dogs over 25 pounds. 

When do I renew my membership?

Memberships are renewed annually on June 1st regardless of when you purchase. There is a $3 service fee for credit card transactions.


How come there aren't any other dogs when I go to the park?

This is our least favorite comment to hear, and we promise we're working on it! We have scheduled puppy play every Sunday at 2pm when you can be sure to see other dogs. Make sure you're aware of our upcoming events too.


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